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                 A r t                                                                                                    T i m e l i n e 





                 A r t                                                                                                    T i m e l i n e 


Y o u r   H o r i z o n s                      


  (f o r   C h a n d i  P y t o w s k i)                          



Outdoor Installation, Performance


Recycled canvas, bamboo, steel, silk flag


Traveling  performance, appearing spontaneously and internationally. Performance locations are strictly secret. 


Your Horizons was inspired by and dedicated to a friend of the artist who passed away in 2015. It is a piece that questions the nature of performance and our current ecological practice. Chandi's “magic” circus tent appears in the woods, or on an empty desolate beach, in an overgrown meadow. A performance occurs. What is the significance of the performance that no one has witnessed? Is it a performance? What else is happening behind the scenes in our hearts and in our forests when nobody is looking? If a tree is felled, and no one hears it, does it make a sound? And what if that tree is an entire rainforest?


Any loss is a strange and eerie thing. Your life continues and yet something has happened and the change is irrevocable. This change sends ripples spreading over the smooth surface. Just what force do they have? Our bodies, floating in one endless river, move ever-so-gently up and down, almost without noticing, and yet we are all connected, bodies, trees, water.  A change in one will always result in a change in the other, but its effect is often invisible.

What remains afterwards is like nostalgia - hard to pin down, bone-grippingly real. Sometimes perhaps, the knowledge that something magical, otherworldly has happened suffices for the human heart.



The artist and her company traveled around Scotland and abroad, setting up performances in natural areas without warning or arranged audience. All sightings of the “magic tent” by others were accidental. Your Horizons is an on-going project. It is up to you to decide to believe that this tent exists with its band of beautiful misfit circus performers. Someday, when you have forgotten you have read this, you will meet it again in the woods.

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