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A r t                                                                                                            T i m e l i n e        


   P a t a t e   C h a u d e   ( H o t  P o t a t o )

Community Engagement Art 

Series of community art events that were hosted by the Petit Labrador, Paris, France

The Patate Chaude or "Hot Potato" were a series of events intended to counter the divisive effect of current media and political trends with decisive community-art action. A series of soirees organized by the artist Anya Gleizer and hosted by the South Paris community hotspot Le Petit Labrador brought people of all walks of life together to  shared "art-banquets" – dinners where food, song, poetry and art are shared in guided discussions on pre-selected topics. Community members are invited to share their creations and speak to universal human subjects (each soiree had its own theme) from "clean water," to "motherhood," to "ocean of memory." The facilitated conversation was then steered to subjects of current political events to find ways to connect disparate opinions over the basis of a shared humanity, rather than abstract ideology. Patate Chaude specifically targeted the local community and participants from lower-income backgrounds. 



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