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A r t                                                                                                            T i m e l i n e        


D i o n y s u s  L i v e s


Dionysus Lives was performed in the National Gallery of Scotland as a part of the 119th Annual SSA exhibition. A 10-person performance created in collaboration with the artist collective La Malle des Indes, Dionysus Lives combines dance, music, parade, pilgrimage and poetry in an artistic happening in which artists and audience alike are transformed. 


This performance embodies a research into diverse dance forms, sacred music, and oral tradition that build a complicity, a shared world with the audience. Beginning at a "birth" point in the forest outside the city, Dionysus Lives comes together as a musical march towards the center, and is live-streamed to screens at the gallery, its destination point. It strives to rediscover the wild within the heart of cold-marble institution, and help the audience find the wildness within themselves: an ancient connection to the land, to music, wine and dance, in a contemporary Dionysian celebration. The urban and rural, female and male, animal and human are joined in a single dance, in the metaphysical playground of the forest clearing or the gallery halls.

How can we celebrate Dionysus in 2016? How is our neglect of the wild within ourselves mirrored in our treatment of our environment? How can we rediscover the ancient mysticism of partying? To answer these questions this celebration aims to shatter frontiers. 

To read press about Dionysus Lives, click here and here. To see the original live-streaming recording (videography by Davor Marenjak), click here or scroll.


Pablo Valcarce

Matthieu Tricaud

Maxime Scocard

Emily Berry

Gabi Vigouroux

Leo Pochat

Corentin Borges

Anais Casteran

Cecile Feuillet



Oct. 30 - Nov. 24

National Gallery

of Scotland

La Malle des Indes

La Malle des Indes

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