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A r t                                                                                                            T i m e l i n e        


B l a c k   R i v e r  –  A  C r o w d s o u r c e d   I n s t a l l a t i o n



Installation and Video Art


Cotton, wood, projection


Exhibited at The G02, 50 George Square, Edinburgh 


Black River is an on-going crowdsourced artwork, created by Anya Gleizer and Pablo Valcarce. The black river, as seen above, is simultaneously projected in the exhibition space, covering all the walls.  It passes around the room in a circle, weaving together seven Japanese scrolls.


The  black river speaks of memory and place and it is open to anyone. Any person can share a place that holds meaning or importance for them by uploading a photograph, artwork or video in the upload-window on the left. Their artwork will appear in the black river for a moment within the random sequence and disappear again - a swift passing, like a memory.


Every person's experience of this installation is unique - the sequence of places that appears at any given moment in the exhibition space depends on the moment it is entered. Black River is a reflection on the places each of us inhabits, and on the ways we can experience and express our relationship to these spaces. Specifically, the artists were interested in reminding people of the value and diversity of our landscapes (whether urban or rural), and of the role of memory in keeping such places alive. 





Below: Black River Exhibition at G02, 50 George Square Edinburgh

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