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A r t                                                                                                            T i m e l i n e        


N e w  W i n d s  O v e r  A l b a 





Glass, wood, nettle down, electric fan, projection onto the floor

A small installation addressing the Scottish Referendum. Nettle down circles beneath a glass dome, borne on new winds, crashing against the glass borders of this island in space. From behind, the artist's voice reads a poem describing a walk performed by the artist on September 18th 2014 from Edinburgh's center to North Berwick. The poem speaks solely of the land, of the geological patterns the artist encountered as she walked, of the flora and fauna and the changing weather of Scotland. The piece serves as a reminder that the discussion of borders is always an ecological one because what is being partitioned is the land itself. The poem gives voice and a presence to the entity that political debate vastly ignores as having agency and volition of its own - the land. The question here is never Yes or No. 




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