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A r t                                                                                                            T i m e l i n e        


   D i o n y s u s  L i v e s :  D é j e u n e r  s u r  l ' h e r b e

Performance and Installation


Soil, wood, various plants, plaster, musical instruments, charcoal, paper, people

A development of the themes of Anya Gleizer's previous performances, Déjeuner sur l'herbe makes a deep exploration into the animal and human natures of the performers as well as those of the audience members, who are invited to take part, ultimately demonstrating that what is animal in us makes us more human - what is human, makes us more animal. Questioning the very existence of this dichotomy led the artist and three other performers into an experimental performance, which took the form of a picnic in a forest clearing, created in the midst of the gallery. The performers ate raw venison and fruit, drank wine and explored different methods of self expression through dance, drawing, music, and poetry - always inviting the audience to join them on the grass. 

Dionysus, the god of wine, the earth, and partying possesses a darker side: the obvious connection to the forbidden, danger, sex and death. How else to face life if it is terrifying and fleeting? With food, wine, and music, an ability to laugh, and a wise intimation from Jacques Prévert:

"Mangez sur l'herbe, Dépêchez-vous Un jour ou l'autre L'herbe mangera sur vous." -Jacques Prévert



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