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                 A r t                                                                                                    T i m e l i n e 


T h e   B l u e   S k i e s   o f   Y o u r   H o r i z o n s               


                                              (f o r   C h a n d i  P y t o w s k i)


Installation, Performance


Ice, pigment, recycled paper, glass, steel


The Blue Skies of Your Horizons is a compliment piece to Your Horizons (1). It was inspired by and dedicated to a friend of the artist who passed away in 2015.  The artist cast her friend's portrait in solid ice, colored with natural pigments. The portrait stared directly into a white cone at the horizon line of which one can see a small piece the blue sky. The sky is visible only from the eye level of the statue. During the performance, Gleizer read a poem that incorporated the calculations necessary to determine the amount of heat necessary to melt the ice, the heat produced by the audience, and the temperature change the room would experience as a result of the melting of the ice. 


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