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A r t                                                                                                            T i m e l i n e        


   D i o n y s u s  :  T r i s t e r i a

Performance and Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture

Dionysus : Tristeria, Anya Gleizer's first solo exhibition in Paris, takes its form as a series of paintings, sculptures and a performance that function together as a  multimedia storytelling, rediscovering old myths even as it questions their heritage and implication within contemporary culture. Like a hidden seed in a heap of compost, the art in this exhibition finds nourishment and beauty in the long night of the underworld, and hints at the unstoppable coming of life already present in decomposition.

In a world under the constant threat of climate change, increasing social polarization, and escalating global conflicts, Dionysus : Tristeria takes a surprisingly peaceful stance. In the present exhibition, turmoil is not seen as opposed to serenity, but as a necessary condition for it. Regeneration is already latent within a period of darkness, danger and conflict.

The research for Dionysus : Tristeria resulted in the development of a new technique of dance-and-drawing, in which a story and a performance unfold on top of the artist's canvas. The resulting images, full of fierce energy and the fresh marks of spontaneity, reward the viewer with a hint at the performance and process that has created them. 

Every image is unique to the dance and made directly in front of the watching audience. In this way process and result, artist and art piece, come together in a work that celebrates the dirtier, darker side of creation.

Download the catalogue HERE



May 30 - July 31

Tricaud & Pigasse,

4 Place Denfert Rochereau

Paris, France

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