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A r t                                                                                                            T i m e l i n e        


   T a l e s   F r o m   N o W h e r e


Tales from NoWhere

Tales from NoWhere will be a psychogeographic story-telling project (made in collaboration with philosopher and writer Pablo Fernandez Velasco) documenting zones where Non-places and Erased-places are juxtaposed — resulting in a publication and an exhibition that explore the role of these zones in European identity-making.

Tales from NoWhere will take form in an artist’s book that exists simultaneously physically and digitally. It will be presented within the context of an art-installation which puts both underground rivers and the voices of local residents (residing in the NonPlaces) on the map.

The final artist book will constitute a physical mapping of Erased-places in Europe, and overlay this physical geography with a psychogeographic mapping of communications between the Non-places. The installation would use virtual reality to map the central forges of European identities, not in city-centers, but in their outskirts, not on major river systems, but on their hidden tributaries. 

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