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Anya Gleizer’s practice, led at an interface between art and biology, explores the relationship between human culture and the natural world. However the more closely it is examined, the more the boundary that allows this binary to persist, blurs and starts to slip. Gleizer explores themes of interior and exterior wilderness through performance and installation. Her art involves the participation of multiple performers and audience-members, calling for a full involvement with the work.

Born in Russia, and brought up in New York City, Gleizer has travelled extensively for her research, from Alaska, to Japan, to the heart of Siberia. She has worked with indigenous communities across Russia, circumnavigated Lake Baikal by kayak, worked with wolves and moose on Lake Superior, and monitored arctic shorebirds in Chukotka.  

Faced with the dwindling of wilderness and wildness in watersheds, collapsing ecosystems or in our own human minds, Gleizer works towards a radical reframing of our relationship to the natural world with her art as her compass. Her performances search for traces of wilderness in the actualization of ancient mythologies, in the lived tradition of indigenous peoples and also in the ethos of roadside BurgerKings, the trappings and tatters of the cities - centers of our chaotic civilizations.

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