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  E v e n k i   C o s m o l o g y   a n d   S h a m a n i c   T r a d i t i o n s

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Evenki Shamanism

Evenki Cosmology

The Ityl


Nakte's Grave

Exhibition at the Pitt Rivers Museum from September 2022, Oxford as well as Digital Exhibition and VR Experience


Presented at the Pitt Rivers Museum as part of the ongoing project Wandering in Other Worlds


Evenki Cosmology and Shamanic Traditions  


We invite you, through this display and the Virtual Reality headset, to wander in another world, an Evenki world. 

Click the objects on display to learn about their stories directly from our Evenki hosts;

Click on the cosmological mapping of the Three Realms to travel through these Evenki worlds;

Click on texts and photographs to learn more about their contexts, history, and how this project took form.

Listen to stories shaped by the cosmology and shamanic traditions of the Evenki people and watch performances and history unfold live in a space where our culture meets theirs and becomes something new.

Keep in mind, there is no passive voyeur – when you engage with these objects and spaces, their spirits engage with yours. You will not get away unchanged, so take heed. 

As you wander in these worlds, expect that your visit will leave its trace, and know that a slow process is beginning within you as well - (if you listen closely you will hear its drum beats) - there is no linear way to navigate this page, but if you get lost, the Raven will be your guide. If you get lost the Raven will bring you back to this page. 


Click the Raven to get back to this page if you get lost. 



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