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The Flute & Bowl

Dec 1, 2018

The Flute & the Bowl is an Oxford University society dedicated to the practice of art and ecology. Bringing together a heterogeneous community of practitioners from diverse fields, this society serves as a platform for joint-projects, collaborations, and discussions between the arts, sciences and the humanities, that aim to be of service to the More-than-human World.

As impending environmental crisis adds new urgency to our efforts to extricate ourselves from a cartesian, dualist cosmology that has led us to this ecological dead-end, extricating ourselves will take a collective effort: No one field can claim to hold the solutions to a crisis that is as much cultural and spiritual as it is environmental.

The two key practices of this society feed off of each other to integrate the efforts of artists and scientists in their joint undertaking of transitioning our cultural relationship to the natural world from one of exploitation, disconnect and antagonism to one of reciprocity, interconnection and mutualism.


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