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Sound of Mother

Sep 30, 2021

The performance Sound of Mother, created by Lynn Hyeong, Bea Arana and Anya Gleizer, will close the exhibition Among the Garbage and the Flowers.

"Sound of mother" is the result of the collaboration of 3 artists and the intervention of the public.

Anya, a performer about to give birth, starts alone in the space: Through her gestures, she invites us to imagine ourselves in the entrails of the body, in this intimacy, blindfolded, she is preparing to wake up, which in our physical plane would be the human birth.

Bea and Lynn incorporate themselves into the performance as benevolent forces that accompany Anya and prepare to welcome new life.

Throughout the performance, the 3 artists create the painting "Chaosmos" together. In this process of creation, they are accompanied by a sound installation, it is the sound of the ultrasound of the pregnant artist.

Then, the public intervenes: They sing a chorus based on vowels in their mother tongue and participate actively in the process of human birth and the creation of a cosmos.

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