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Leaf Storm

Jan 1, 2014

Exhibited in Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, At the En Dehors Arts Festival, Paris 3 La Sorbonne, Paris, France, and in Coburg House Gallery as a part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Leaf Storm is a performance about human closeness and communication. A “different” space is delineated by a whimsical, rotating, curtain of leaves. Audience members are invited to come sit with the artist and share a single cup of water, brought from a local, fresh water-source. In Scotland, for example, the water was brought from a spring at the side of Ben Lomond. Inspired by the Zen tea ceremony, the communication that takes place in the Leaf Storm is entirely silent and goes straight to the root of human interaction, creating intimacy with a single concentrated gesture of hospitality.

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