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By the Hands of Girls

Apr 20, 2021

By the Hands of Girls is an artistic universe that embodies an eco-feminist uprising through the deliberate unproductivity of dance. This artistic universe comes to life in an ever-evolving series of interdisciplinary performances, VR-films, music, texts and immersive installations. By the Hands of Girls has its genesis in an in-depth exploration of dance and ritual as insurrection — as dominating political structures increasingly control the dialectics of our cultural expression, an active, embodied engagement presents a means of protest and non-participation with the prevailing narrative.

By the Hands of Girls is an initiative that combines interdisciplinary art and scientific research (in cognitive sciences and sound spatialisation technology) and that involves artists and re- searchers coming from the University of Oxford, Paris Sciences et Lettres, Paris-Sud, the Berlin Drama Academy Ernst Busch and University College London. Our team started working on this artistic universe in 2016 and the performances emerging from this research have been presented at the festival Glasgow International, at the Edinburgh College of Art and at the Scottish National Gallery.

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